Sekwanele Projects

One of the companies falls under Sekwanele database which Cicima Properties cc, will provide/ employ 7000 job opportunities to the parolees, ex-convicts, unemployed communities, youth around Soweto where Townhouses and Flats will be built.

Sekwanele, Correctional Services, Human settlement, Business Sectors will be partners in building muddy schools at Eastern Cape. Correctional Services will provide tools to all the parolees and ex-convicts after their release to start their own business for the skills they acquire during their sentences, Sekwanele will facilitate this project in all the provinces around South Africa.

Sekwanele and Sustainable Commodity PTY ltd will conduct farming, skills, project in rural areas around South Africa, where needy communities will be trained in farming maize (Crop) this project will be sponsored by Cluster Customer Satisfactory.


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